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Australia Esports have started to become hugely popular in recent years. We recognise the importance of having an environment where players and audiences can have fun while being part of Esports events and watching live streams.

Join our Australian Esports community today! We provide a safe and respectful environment where everyone has a chance to compete and develop their gaming skills.

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If you want to start playing in tournament events and test your skills, join our community today!

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If you like to stream and have fun, you found the perfect place. We support our local streamers.


We know Australia love playing games, and we promote the most played game and support both platforms (PC and Console).

High School

We provide high school students with the chance to participate in tournaments and events.

Australia Esports Community

We have the best Australia Esport community. We provide a safe and respectful environment. Click on the links below.

Australia Esports FAQs & Inquiries

How can I join any tournament and league?

most of our tournaments do not require any ranks to enter. however, some of our events required to follow some requirements.

Do we need to pay to join tournaments?

Most of our tournaments and events are free.

I'm under 13. Can I be part of the tournaments and event?

Yes, those under 13 years of age required permission from a parent or legal guardian before entering any tournaments.

Do I need to join Discord to join tournament and events?

Only team leaders required to enter our discord channel.


No, you are only allowed to play for one team.

for any other questions, feel free to contact us!

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