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Valorant Tournament's Guide.

Brackets will be created when the registration period finishes. Click on your team’s name to find out what is your first match number is.

We have created channels with all matches numbers on our Discord Channel (will be available after the bracket is created). Leaders will be able to chat and pre-define the game.

A leader must roll the dice to find out who is Team A and Team B.

A higher number gets Team A.

Type: /roll.

If both leaders get the same number, both leaders will need to roll the dice again.


Use your match channel to find out what map and side you are going to play.

We have 7 maps to choose from

Team B picks the map ( Bind, Haven, Split, Ascent, BreezeMaps, Icebox and Fracture )

Team A picks the side for the match.

Team A invites Team B to the private match.

You can invite the leader and he takes care of his team.

The following pictures show you how to create, set up and invite players to your custom match.

You are all set to go. Make sure you take screenshots and post them on the match channel.

Good luck.

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