High School eSports Master is a tournament league event where students from Australia and New Zealand High School compete to become Oceania Champions. Any Student from High School is eligible to register and be part of this event.

High School

You must be studing in a High School to be part of this league.


To join the league your High School has to be associated with Oceania eSports.


Get Involved

Choose your favourite game and be involved in esports events to get your spot.



You have to win the battle against the other High Schools to be champion!

faqs & inquiries

We have the best High School Esport community. We provide a safe and respectful environment. Click on the links below.

faqs & inquiries

How can I join the league?

The first step to join the league is to be studying in any of our associated High Schools. The best players from your High School will be selected for the competition.

My High School is not registered, how can I register my High School?

Australian and New Zealand High schools are eligible to join the league. The registration must be done by someone responsible from your High School. You can ask them to contact us or you can request us to contact your High School.

Can I join other High School team?

No. You only can be part of your High School team.

Where the event will be hosted?

This is an online event and your team will be playing at your High School facility.

Do we have to pay to join?

This is a free entry event for students. Your High School will be paying a fee to register your team and this fee will be going toward the prize pool.

for any other questions, feel free to contact us!

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